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Pre-School aims

We value and respect the early years of a child’s life and aim to provide the best possible opportunities for them to become successful, happy individuals.

We aim to enable each child access to learning through the implementation of ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage’ framework. On entry into Pre-School each child is allocated a ‘Key Person’ who will build a relationship with the child and parent/carer and keep a journal of the child’s interests and learning.

We want each child to feel happy and supported in our Pre-School. We plan our sessions around the children’s interests, sharing new experiences, observing our environment and celebrating festivals. We aim to have a balance of adult led and child led activities during each session.

Early years foundation

The National Strategy as set out by the Department of Education. The Early Years Foundation: Setting the Standards for Learning, Development and Care for children from birth to five. The four principals of this curriculum are;