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Committee Members

All parents are welcome to become members of our Committee. By attending Committee meetings you will get a clearer understanding of how we as a committee are working towards the aims of the Pre-School Groups. We are committed to helping staff achieve their stated aims of making the setting outstanding and your ideas and suggestions for how you feel we may achieve this are most welcome.

The current Committee details are shown below

Chairperson: Kerry Perks
Email: chair@appletonroebuckpreschool.co.uk

Vice Chairperson: Jayne Boast

Email: outofschoolclub@appletonroebuckpreschool.co.uk

Secretary: Susie Skippen

Email: secretary@appletonroebuckpreschool.co.uk

Treasurer: Kathryn Whitworth
Email: treasurer@appletonroebuckpreschool.co.uk