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Fees & Funding

As we are a registered charity (no. 1166924) we are not a business operating for profit and as such we try to keep our fees as low as possible. Our fees cover the day-to-day running costs, room hire, staffing, insurance and basic consumables.

We fundraise for any additional expenditure, such as new equipment and resources. See our fundraising pages for more information.

Pre-School children eligible for government funding will need to confirm their details with us at the start of term. If parents choose not to use the available funding an equivalent fee will be charged and invoices will be issued at the start of each half term in order to secure your child's place. Your fee will be calculated based on your chosen days as per your application form or through separate agreement with the staff. If you change your days at any time during the term please let us know and we will amend your next invoice accordingly.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide refunds for absence, however representation may be made to the treasurer in exceptional circumstances, e.g. families on income support or those moving out of the area.

We accept childcare vouchers currently for Fideliti, Edenred, Care4 Computershare, Childcare Plus. We are happy to look into others if needed.