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As we are a registered charity no. 1166924, we are not a business operating for profit and as such, we try to keep our fees as low as possible. Our fees cover the day-to-day running costs, room hire, staffing, insurance and basic consumables.

We fundraise for any additional expenditure, such as new equipment and resources.

We hold a variety of enjoyable fundraising events throughout the year, for example Cake/Book/Toy Sales, Coffee Mornings and  Since 2015 we have a dedicated committee  who organised a fantastic Scarecrow weekend held in Appleton Roebuck which raises much needed funds for preschool.

What is Appleton Roebuck Pre-School Groups fundraising for?

Sometimes we fundraise for specific things like play equipment but much of our fundraising ventures are about securing the longer term future of the Pre-School Groups.

Our income is dependent on the numbers of children who attend our sessions. At times though, the number of children in our area can be lower than at other times and this means our income reduces more than the associated costs. So we fundraise all year round, to ensure that we have sufficient funding, now and in the future, to carry on providing this quality and valued service at the heart of our community.

Thank you for your support!