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Parental Involvement

We greatly value parental help to ensure the smooth running of our settings and any help, however large or small, is very much appreciated. We encourage parents/carers to take an active role by providing voluntary support where they can. Being involved in the settings gives you an insight into what we do, enables you to contribute your skills and experience and allows your child to see you in a different role.

Getting involved in our Pre-School Committee will give you the opportunity to contribute ideas, support fundraising activities and ensure the future of this valuable local resource.

Parents of children attending our sessions are welcome to come to Committee meetings. By attending these meetings you will get a clearer understanding of how we as a committee are working towards the aims of the Pre-School Groups. We are committed to helping staff achieve their stated aims of making the setting outstanding and your ideas and suggestions for how you feel we may achieve this are most welcome.

For more information please contact the chairperson from the Contact Us pages.