Appleton Roebuck Preschool is operated by Appleton Roebuck Preschool Groups (“ARPG”), a Charitable Incorporated Organisation which is regulated by the Charity Commission.  ARPG is responsible for the management of Preschool.  Our Preschool Manager and team is supported by ARPG trustees as well as a dedicated Preschool Committee. All of our volunteer trustees and Preschool Committee are members of ARPG and most are parents of children who currently attend the setting. 

ARPG is proud to be a member of the Early Years Learning Alliance and is committed to furthering its aims of supporting children’s learning through play and to empower families to become involved in their child’s learning and development. You can find out more here

Family membership of ARPG is available to all parents and guardians of children attending any group operated by ARPG. Affiliate membership is also available to anyone interested in furthering the interests of ARPG and we welcome applications from the wider community. If you would like to get involved or learn more, please do get in touch.

The Preschool Committee

The Preschool management committee is responsible for the day to day management of the setting. It has a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary who support Amy, the Preschool Manager.

Chris Marriott

Chris is a Product Manager by trade and has spent several years managing enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products in the technology industry. He currently leads a team of Product Managers for a Connected Planning and Analysis offering used by many of the Fortune Global 500 companies. Chris has lived in York for over 15 years having moved here originally to complete an MEng and PhD in Computer Science at the University of York. He has two children that attend preschool and thoroughly enjoys working with preschool team and charity trustees for the benefit of the community.

Laura Herbert

“Before taking a career break to become a full time mum, I worked for an international footwear retailer for 12 years. Sales analysis, forecasting and agreeing buying plans was my main focus, whilst managing a team of 10 merchandisers with their product categories. Since becoming a full time parent, I’ve been involved with various charities/voluntary roles, including running the Little Apples playgroup since 2017; working as a peer supporter for the breastfeeding charity, Treasure Chest; most recently, working at the York vaccine site.”

Victoria Rothwell

Victoria brings 25 years of experience in Finance, People, and Operations to the committee, working at present as an SVP within the Travel & Tourism sector. Victoria has volunteered for local community groups since 2019 for her local Twins Club (Treasurer) in SE London, moving on to the PTA (Treasurer) of her twin's primary school and now the preschool (Secretary) where her youngest attended in Appleton Roebuck. "A sense of community is important to me and the preschool exhibits all the reasons my family and I moved to a village in North Yorkshire!".


As we are a registered charity, we are not a business operating for profit and as such, we try to keep our fees as low as possible. Our fees cover the day-to-day running costs, room hire, staffing, insurance and basic consumables

Sometimes we fundraise for specific things like play equipment but much of our fundraising ventures are about securing the longer term future of the Preschool Group.

Our income is dependent on the numbers of children who attend our sessions. At times though, the number of children in our area can be lower than at other times and this means our income reduces more than the associated costs. So we fundraise all year round, to ensure that we have sufficient funding, now and in the future, to carry on providing this quality and valued service at the heart of our community.


We greatly value parental help to ensure the smooth running of our setting and any help, however large or small, is very much appreciated. We encourage parents/carers to take an active role by providing voluntary support where they can. Being involved in the setting gives you an insight into what we do, enables you to contribute your skills and experience and allows your child to see you in a different role. Parents of children attending our sessions are welcome to come to Trustee & Committee meetings. By attending these meetings you will get a clearer understanding of how we as a committee are working towards the aims of the Preschool and it will give you the opportunity to contribute ideas, support fundraising activities and ensure the future of this valuable local resource.
"Being chair of the committee is a really rewarding role. You find yourself getting involved with so many different things. I really enjoy putting my skills to good use with marketing and fundraising for the Preschool. We run some fantastic events within our local community, it feels like you are giving something back. I have also made some genuine friends through the role. It's great. Please support us if you can."
Kerry Perks
Previous Chair Person